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Fall in love with simplicity, embrace your inner Goddess, create magic.

Simple Goddess Tribe

What this tribe is all about...

The Simple Goddess Tribe is for you if you're ready to create a life based on simplifying, planning, taking inspired actions, and living in love and magic. The tribe content combines intentional living with organizing, simplifying, and using systems and processes to help you create more personal freedom in your life.

If any of these statements ring true for you, you'll want to learn more about the tribe. 

  • I want to create a life I love. 
  • I want to REALLY live with lots of love, peace, happiness, and joy.
  • I want to design the life I want from everything to my career, to my home, to how I want to feel, and a lot more.
  • I want to set goals and take steps to achieve them (but only if they’re truly goals I want to accomplish, and they’ll enrich my life).
  • I want to feel comfortable, safe, and bold to stand in my truth and be okay with being different.
  • I want to help make the world a better place, even if that sounds corny.
  • I want to let go of any emotional baggage so I can truly step into love and joy.
  • I want to be mindful when I’m doing things and really enjoy my life.
  • I don’t want to have to remember all the things I want and need to do. I want a system that will be easy to use to help me get my tasks done. 
  • And - very important - I need a way to stay on track with all those things I just listed and not forget to do them, which is so easy to do in today’s world.

What you get for less than $10 a month....

The Simple Goddess Foundations Course

This course is the basis of Simple Goddess Living, and the goal of the course is to help you connect, or re-connect to yourself in a way you've never done before. To do this, you first need to start with decluttering and some organizing tasks so you can have the time and space to really nurture yourself and implement the foundations.

With this course, you'll get empowered to accomplish your goals, dream big, and create the life you really want. You'll be more balanced, focused, and peaceful.

The modules

#1: Declutter and Organize Your Digital Life (released March 4th)

#2: Create Your Customized Task Management System to Accomplish Your Goals (released March 11th)

#3: Talk to Yourself: Create Your Journaling Practice (released March 18th)

#4: Create and Use Your Simple Goddess PowerBook (released March 25th)

#5: Create and Use Rituals That Empower You (released April 1st)

#6: Learn How to Fall in Love - With YOU! (released April 8th)

#7: Learn How to Fall in Love With Your Money (released April 15th)

+ Why and How to Use the Simple Goddess Lifestyle Checklist and Template

Monthly Simple Goddess Kit

Each month you'll get a Simple Goddess Monthly Kit to help you build upon the Simple Goddess Foundations course and learn more ways to create and live a life you love. The kits are an excellent way to keep focused on your goals and keep making progress each and every month.

Simple Goddess Monday Reminders

Start your week out powerfully with the Simple Goddess Monday Reminder. You'll get an email and/or a notification on the Simple Goddess App that will give include:

A quick tip with a task for you to complete that week that will help you simplify something, organize something, learn something, become something, release something, and lots more magical delicious things...

A list of key dates including things like moon cycle dates.

An affirmation or power statement that you can use and add to your Simple Goddess PowerBook. (You'll learn how to create and use your Simple Goddess PowerBook inside the Foundations course.)

The Monday reminder helps you to start your week out inspired and ready to take action.

Mid-Week Check-In and Reminders

You'll get a mid-week reminder with some motivation to help you keep on track to accomplish your goals. These reminders are an excellent way to stay on track. You can even get them via your mobile phone if you've got notifications turned on.

+ You'll Get the Be Productive Blueprint Course to declutter and organize your digital life. (So powerful!)

PLUS.... you'll get my Be Productive Blueprint course FREE with over 6 hours of video training. (See a list of the modules here.) My step-by-step system will show you how to organize and declutter your digital life, set up a system for task management, and get more done by utilizing powerful PROVEN strategies.

You'll have access to the Blueprint for as long as you have your paid membership so you can refer back to it as needed.

In this module, you’re going to learn tips for goal setting, creating your mission statement, designing your own Life Script, PLUS some mindset tools, and how to create specific rituals and habits to get empowered every day. This step is crucial to help you stay motivated and get things done.

In this module, you’re going to learn ways to reduce procrastination and boost your productivity. This module is packed with timesaver tips and hacks.

In this module, I’m going to show you several different tasks management programs like Trello, Todoist, and Asana so you can choose which one best fits your needs. Plus, you’re going to learn how to get all your tasks into a Master Task List and create templates to save you lots of time.

In this module, I’ll show you how to tie the whole Be Productive System together, so you have a step-by-step weekly process to stay organized, focus more easily, and get things done. You’ll know you’ve accomplished tasks each and every week, and you’ll be motivated to continue.

In this module, we’ll start conquering all your “stuff.” Do you feel like you’re in information overload? We can fix that!

In this module, we’ll move on to your calendar, get it updated and make sure you’re using it effectively, so you’re on time and prepared.

In the final module, we’re going to tackle your email and get your inbox cleaned up. Yes, you CAN do this! I’ll show you email time-saver tips that will greatly reduce the time you spend reading emails. I’ll show you all of this using Gmail, but these tips apply to most email programs.

Join us inside and get the Blueprint!

Hi there. I'm Angela and 

I'm a Simple Goddess...

I’m Angela, and I’m here to be your guide. 

I help women design a Simple Goddess Life by simplifying, planning, taking inspired action, and living in love and magic. I’m a Certified Life Purpose Coach, author, mentor, and advocate for simplified living. I’m passionate about inspiring women to love themselves and claim their goddess power to create a life they love. Are you ready to design and live a life you love? Find out more about my Simple Goddess Tribe, programs, and more at and

See you inside!

Peace + Love and Magic,


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